Extraordinary Bass Artist Axel Thesleff shares ‘Timeflow’

Multi-talented electronic artist Axel Thesleff will be releasing his latest double A-side single, ‘Timeflow’ on the 20th of August via CASHIR, with an accompanying instrumental version. The single follows the release of Axel Thesleff’s reworked version of ShiShi’s ‘Sajani 2.0 (feat. Ben Parag)’. Axel Thesleff gained notoriety when he released the irresistible single, ‘Bad Karma’ which racked up One Billion plays across platforms and featured on the Adidas’ Faster Than campaign. The producer toured the US with legendary artists such as CloZee and Beats Antique, and performed at festivals with other well-known acts such as Deadmau5, ZEDD, Paul Van Dyk and Alt-J. Over the years, Axel Thesleff has been supported by the likes of Billboard, YourEDM, CLASH Magazine, Dancing Astronaut,, EARMILK, Magnetic Magazine, Mixmag Asia and The Needle Drop, to name a few and received significant support on Youtube channels such as Trap Nation, 8D Tunes, Bass Nation, House Nation and Taz Network, amongst others, as well as continued support from BBC Asian Network’s Yasser.

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Born and based in Helsinki, Finland, Axel Thesleff finds inspiration in the variegated likes of Sigur Ros, Godspeed You! Back Emperor, Aphex Twin, Telefon Tel Aviv, Radiohead, Burial, Gold Panda to name a few, as he creates a sound that traverses musical borders. ‘Timeflow’ calls to mind trendsetting artists such as M.I.A., Fakear and CloZee.

Axel Thesleff embraces the drama found within passing time in his latest single, ‘Timeflow’. Opening with an enthralling poem written by Thesleff himself, the listener is quickly drawn into the percussive elements and deep basslines that follow. Rhythmic and moving in a way that mirrors a sped up passing of time itself, the single will make minutes feel like mere seconds as the listener is lost in the mesmerising sound.

The Finish musician shares further insight: “My latest single, ‘Timeflow’ is an introspective techno banger that takes the listener on a ride through the very fabric of spacetime. It features a poem I wrote and narrated by voice-over artist extraordinaire Jonathan Hutchings. This cross-arts piece articulates the fleetingness of the present moment as well as the mysterious nature of the future and the obliviousness of the past. It’s a constantly evolving and metamorphosing adventure that shifts through a mutating landscape of lush chords, pulsating bass, thumping drums and gritty synths as well as cascading melodies and evocative cadences that bring the listener to the point of sheer vertigo and catharsis in the end.”

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