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Factory 93 Records Assembles New Techno Compilation ‘MODULE 1’ feat. Mha Iri & Subject32, Loco & Jam, Drakk, and Frame

The first installment of Factory 93’s newly formed mini-compilation series.

The burgeoning Factory 93 Records imprint assembles the first installment of a new mini-compilation series, ‘MODULE 1,’ including blistering techno weapons from Mha Iri, Subject 32, Loco & Jam, Drakk, and Frame. 

Stream Here : https://f93.co/MODULE1

Factory 93 is proud to present its first various artists compilation, ‘MODULE 1.’ The release features some exceptionally talented artists from around the world and showcases a wide variety of techno styles. 

Starting the release strong are Mha Iri and Subject32, from Scotland and Australia, respectively. Their turbulent collaboration “Solace” immediately kicks things into high gear. Punishing warehouse-ready drums and undulating bass give way to an ominous breakdown of pads and spoken vocals before slamming back to 11 with wide, aggressive basses and spacious, gnarled textures.

Up next are Loco & Jam, the Northern Irish duo that has been making waves in the European techno scene for years. Venturing into slightly deeper territory, “Let’s Get Back” makes use of percussive synths and a rapidly sequenced bassline to create a reliable groover that will keep the energy flowing when you need it.

On the latter half of the EP, we explore the world of crunchy, analog sound design with San Jose-based producer Drakk’s “Todestanz.” The track’s elements congeal under layers of saturation, adding a distinctly fiery character to the bombastic drums and chainsaw-like synth sequences.

Drakk shares a few words on the single: “‘Todestanz’ bridges the gap between the ‘mainstream techno’ and the more underground. I’m honored and pleased to showcase this track on a label like Factory 93. I hope it inspires others!”

Finally, Frame—the new project of Texans Decoder and Declan James—takes distortion to new heights to enter borderline-lofi territory on “1076030.” The result is a relentless and fierce combination of looped elements that show just how grimy techno can get. It’s a devastating track that never lets up and brings the compilation to a decisive conclusion.

“‘1076030’ is a piece of pulsating 909 techno inspired by the sounds of the 2000s,” explains Frame. “Cutting yet rough around the edges, with enough grime to punish the most wicked of dancefloors, we feel this track would fit perfectly in the sets of legends from Alan Oldham to Joey Beltram.”

‘MODULE 1’ is a phenomenal start for the newly minted series, and Factory 93 is going to be constructing these compilations on a regular basis, so make sure to keep an eye out as new pieces start to fall into place. 

The ‘MODULE 1’ compilation is available on all platforms via Factory 93 Records. 

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