Factory 93 returns with the second instalment of ‘MODULE’, welcoming Ramiro Lopez, HNTR, Madeaux & Zeplin and Mattia Saviolo to the label.

A new mini-compilation series launched earlier this year, Factory 93’s MODULE shines a spotlight on a collection of up-and-coming talents and rising names to take note of, with the first EP welcoming contributions from Octopus Recordings regulars Loco & Jam through to LA-based talent DRAKK. Rounding out 2022, ‘MODULE 2’ brings more techno offerings from the gamut of the genre, welcoming Spaniard Ramiro Lopez, Canada’s HNTR, US pairing Madeaux & Zeplin, and Italian Matt Saviolo for a truly global affair.

First, Ramiro Lopez’s ‘Easy Easy’ welcomes a trippy groover rife with complex, developing soundscapes and psychedelic vocals that twist and turn over the track’s thumping groove. HNTR follows up his ‘Underground Dance Single Of The Year’ from Juno with the deep, melodic ‘Oh Please’, bringing spacey vocals and catchy modulated synth riffs for an energy-building production. Next, Madeaux and Zeplin join forces on ‘Luna Rossa’, a dark and intense track with ominous energy and nu-wave tinges, before Mattia Saviolo closes the show with the delicately crafted ‘Riding Wave’s’ – an early favourite of Kas:st’s having featured in their Cercle set earlier this year.

Factory 93’s ‘MODULE 2’ drops on 16th December 2022.


1. Ramiro Lopez – Easy Easy
2. HNTR – Oh Please
3. Madeaux & Zeplin – Luna Rossa
4. Mattia Saviolo – Riding Waves