Factory 93 unveil the lineup for their third MODULE compilation, with Anakim, A.D.H.S, Nicolas Taboada and Shay De Castro delivering the latest in the series.

With only two instalments in the books, Factory 93’s MODULE series has quickly turned heads and established itself as a VA offering to know about, spotlighting some of the most exciting rising names in the game alongside more established talents on a surge within the techno landscape. With contributions from Ramiro Lopez, Loco & Jam and more, this summer’s instalment is loaded with talent once again as LA’s Anakim joins fellow West Coast talent Shay de Castro, Berlin’s A.D.H.S., and Buenos Aires’ Nicolas Taboada for MODULE 3.

Opening with the menacing and driving sounds of A.D.H.S.’s ‘Rastana’, armed with surging synths and sharp metallic percussion, the four-track package once again explores the various soundscapes of the techno realm. Hotly-tipped DJ/producer Shay de Castro keeps the energy levels high with heavy-hitting picks and rolling arpeggiated basslines across her impactful track ‘Rapture’, while Anakim brings his dynamic and forward-thinking melodic touch to proceedings across the no-nonsense sonics and tumbling textures of ‘Man Verses Machine’. Closing the offering, Nicolas Taboada draws for tension-charged builds and rushing synths across the aptly-titled ‘Insomnia’.

Factory 93’s ‘MODULE 3’ drops on 2nd June 2023.


1. A.D.H.S. – Rastanta
2. Shay de Castro – Rapture
3. Anakim – Man Versus Machine
4. Nicolas Taboada – Insomnia

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