Farveblind paint a frenzied sonic palette on ‘Rock ‘N Rolla’ ft Lucy Love

New EP ‘All Clubs are Bastards’ due 14th October

Electronic / post-punk Danish trio Farveblind are pleased to announce a brand new release with the arrival of ‘Rock ‘N Rolla’ featuring Copenhagen based rapper Lucy Love, lifted from the forthcoming EP ‘All Clubs are Bastards’ due this October.

Drawing on a myriad of influences from punk, electronic and pop, ‘Rock ‘N Rolla’ is a high octane, unfettered stadium sized alt-pop thrashing, amplified via Lucy’s compelling vocal prowess. They say: “We set to make the most in-your-face track we’ve ever made – and we think we achieved that with ‘Rock ‘n Rolla’. We wanted to redefine how the modern cocky rock ‘n roll attitude might sound like, and Lucy Love’s aggressive vocals really made that possible. In short, ‘Rock ‘n Rolla’ is about kicking in doors and embracing your inner hotel-room-smashing rock star.”

Accomplished musicians and producers in their own right, Farveblind have sought a more aggressive sound with their new EP. The music has been more inspired by the energy of the punk-scene and mixed with hard-hitting electronic beats and bass bringing their rave-esque live-feeling into your speakers.

The band explain: “‘All Clubs Are Bastards’ is in its essence a mixture between club bangers and raw punk attitude. It is like going clubbing with Dr. Martens on. We wanted to bring rave culture to the punk scene; combine breakbeats with fuzz bass.”

For the new single, Farveblind have teamed up with Lucy Love, to create the epitome of a ‘Fuck, I’m great’-anthem. ‘Rock ‘n Roller’ can best be described as raw punk energy set against the backdrop of 90’s inspired rave which echoes the feeling of coming in guns blazing.

Rock ‘N Rolla / 2 September