Farveblind unleash 80s horror inspired visual clip for ‘Crooks’

Danish trio Farveblind return with the final focus track ‘Crooks’ featuring Sebastian Monti, lifted from the new EP ‘All Clubs are Bastards’ released 14th October.

Following on from the band’s recent single ‘Rock N Rolla’ feat Copenhagen rapper Lucy Love, ‘Crooks’ ups the ante with an all out frenzied assault on the senses and is accompanied by a visceral, mind blowing visual clip by cult filmmaker Snorre Ruhe.

The band explain: “We felt inspired by artists like Boys Noize and Gesaffelstein and wanted to see how heavy we could make a track and it still being danceable, so with imagery of a hit and run robbery and a fast driving get-away car, we created ‘Crooks’. Sometimes it feels like your words carry more weight when you’re in a bad place mentally. As if the words sound bigger and wider, the further down a hole you are. As if everyone else takes them more seriously. That’s the thought we had when we wrote the lyrics.”

The director adds: “Finally the track I had been waiting for. Since I don’t know when, I have had a burning desire to make a hybrid between and 80’s music video and a 70’s horror film. I think I’ve had the idea for a long time, but when I heard Farveblind’s Crooks for the first time, all the images just started to pop up in my head, and I saw the whole film very clearly. This kickass track needed a badass video. Here it is.”

Accomplished musicians and producers in their own right, Farveblind have sought a more aggressive sound with their new EP. The music has been more inspired by the energy of the punk-scene and mixed with hard-hitting electronic beats and bass bringing their rave-esque live-feeling into your speakers.

The band explain: “‘All Clubs Are Bastards’ is in its essence a mixture between club bangers and raw punk attitude. It is like going clubbing with Dr. Martens on. We wanted to bring rave culture to the punk scene; combine breakbeats with fuzz bass.”

Crooks ft Sebastian Monti / 14 October