Feed Me Elevates Transient’s Debut Single “Higher Than The Sky” With Fuzzy Indie Dance Rework on NIGHTMODE

Feed Me delivers a sensational remix of Transient’s inaugural single “Higher Than The Sky,” a stroke of indie dance brilliance that’s floating into the frame for NIGHTMODE’s landmark celebration. 

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Veteran producer Feed Me is making his valiant return to the burgeoning NIGHTMODE imprint with a fresh rework of Transient’s “Higher Than The Sky.” The genre-blurring phenom originally left his stamp on the NIGHTMODE catalog with one the label’s earliest releases in 2019 via “Little Space,” featuring Yosie, a progressive gem that refused to be pinned into the corner. Suffice to say, they are honored to have him returning to commemorate their new milestone.

The NIGHTMODE team reflects on how it all came together, saying, “We’d approached Feed Me to do this remix because it’s our 10th season of releases on NIGHTMODE and we kicked things off with Feed Me all the way back in Season 1! So, we reached out again to see if he’d like to remix something to celebrate the milestone and he picked the Transient song.”

Released almost one full year ago, “Higher Than The Sky” served as the debut single from Transient, a collaborative supergroup composed of Graham Goodwin (Sian), Dennis White (Latroit), and Arash Homampour. The original is a fuzzy, laidback nu disco bop that’s riddled with palpable summertime vibes. Latching onto their vision, Feed Me builds upon the foundation while injecting new energy for this fresh take.

Showcasing his mastery, the London-based stalwart adds his midas touch to “Higher Than The Sky.” Chunky drums give it an added knock as the filtered vocals drift in and are expertly looped throughout. A spry piano lead drives the track forward as shimmering synths flutter over top, creating a sense of magic. Punchy kicks power up the vocals into a growling and glitchy drop that creates a grittier contrast. Balancing between the beauty and slightly more rigid sounds, creates an incredible harmony. Feed Me ups the intensity without ever sacrificing the groove or infectiousness, making this a certified summer jam with just the right amount of edge.   

“We could not have hoped for more from Feed Me on this project. His remix is an absolute masterclass in production and musicality. We are excited to be adjacent to such great work and grateful to our friends at NIGHTMODE for putting it all together….”–Transient 

Feed Me Bio

For British born DJ/ producer Jon Gooch, fitting in has never been much of a priority. Transforming between the electro/ house sounds of Feed Me, the dark drum and bass of Spor and the more creative leftfield output of Seventh Stitch, Jon has released multiple projects across multiple labels, most notably becoming the first outside act to sign with deadmau5’s label, mau5trap in 2010. Fast forward to 2019 and Feed Me’s critically acclaimed album High Street Creeps receives widespread press and radio support, in turn leading to a multi date “Live Teeth” US tour and an appearance at multiple UK festivals, including a set on the generator stage at Creamfields. Entering 2020 off the back of two releases via Spinnin’ and Nightmode, this year is set to be even bigger for the DJ/producer as Jon and his many aliases continues to grow and evolve.

Transient Bio

Transient is a music collective led by Octopus Recordings founder Graham Goodwin, Grammy winner Dennis White (Latroit), and Arash Homampour, founder of There Is a Light Records,  featuring collaborations with the best emerging and established talent in the electronic music community. 

Night Mode, part of Insomniac Music Group, is founded by Twitch streamer and content creator Tucker (Jericho) Boner & Daniel Goudie (of Disciple Recs & Rare Breed). 


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