Feral One Records welcome the debut EP release ‘Wut’ from the mysterious Arnaldo Messy, an anonymous project from a scene mainstay.

Home to a wealth of established and emerging talent from the Pacific Northwest through international guests further afield, Longstocking’s flourishing Feral One Records imprint continues to serve up the goods at a rapid rate. Fresh from the label founder’s latest album to the latest stacked Various Artists compilation, the next project on the label comes with some serious intrigue, with the artist behind the record arriving in an air of mystique. Introducing Arnaldo Messy, a new anonymous project from an industry veteran ready to leave a fresh mark on the scene. Hot on the heels of their contribution to the ‘Seattle’ V/A, late September welcomes their first full release under the alias as they serve up a pair of lively and impactful cuts across ‘Wut’.

“Rumors have swirled with the arrival of Arnaldo Messy. Whether he arrived by portal or a schism in the Universe, this is not important. What matters is that he is here and appears to be friendly. Some theorize it’s our dancing that powers him, but that is all hearsay. After hearing what has come from this anonymous being, it’s obvious he is so much more than lips, teeth and a lush mustache.

The first track, ‘Confusion’, comes gurgling through and does exactly that. At first you can’t help but wonder what is going on with this Tech House odyssey and where is he leading us. The groovy bass swallows synth beats as they curve past. Bouncing electronic shots guide you through what will end up being a sweaty smiling mess.

The EP gets capped off with ‘Wut’. It’s at this point we know we’ve gone from WTF to F*CK YES, which sums up the Arnaldo Messy chaos. We start off clapping our way through an otherworldly build up only to drop off into shifting bass lines. Do we ever find answers? Nope. Do we really need it when deep down the answer is exactly what you are doing, dancing?

If Arnaldo Messy is tapping into where he came from, it’s a land of lasers, bass and shaking it. Wherever he came from, please don’t leave us, as we have plenty of moves to fuel your mojo.” – Feral One Records.

Arnaldo Messy ‘WUT’ drops via Feral One Records on 22nd September 2023.

1. Confusion
2. Wut

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