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Findike brings his new single ‘Chemical Chambers’


Findike Records boss Findike brings his support to Karia Records for new single ‘Chemical Chambers’.
Now teaming up for the second time, the producers treat us to yet fuelled goodness with another hit single on Karia Records.

About Findike :

Emrah Findik’s aka Findike 16th of april 1977. born in Germany Living in istanbul is undoubtedly one of the most productive and refreshing electronic dance music producer out there. His music always shines a drop of well blended fusion of styles and originality… Most of his productions being internationally exposed and played by producers & DJ’s all around the globe.

2006 – 2017 can be easily described as his breakthrough years, the world just can’t be mistaken…
The success of his releases and remix in some of the leading record labels is for sure imparting his position in the music scene.Some of the Record label Compagnies Findike released his music are:

Findike ‘s productions and mixes always combine a diverse spectrum of musical styles, from Deep Tech, Progressive House to groovy Techno, through the international edge of the electronic music pool! One thing is for sure… This mixture will not let you stay detached!
His releases were mentioned on top 100 charts on the digital stores,…
His DJ mixes were played on many leading radio stations worldwide : Progressive Beats Radio , Hujujuj Radio , TMRadio , Loops Radio , Frisky Radio , CU- Underground Pioneer Radio, PowerFM, [PowerApp] and Cosmos Radio.

Activity Officer and Manager;
From France Sommaire Serge
0033 648425034
From USA Support :Tim Poirier

More About Findike :

FINDIKE - Chemical Chambers Karia Records

Artist : Findike

Title:  Chemical Chambers (Single)

Label: Karia Records

Release Date: Jul/03/2020 (Beatport Exclusive), Jul/31/2020 (all other DSP’s)

Format: Digital

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