Earlier this year, progressive pop pioneer Danny L Harle unveiled Harlecore; an album and online digital space that represented a bold vision for a rave utopia. Harlecore is a completely unprecedented immersive audiovisual experience, based in Club Harlecore; a digital space that allows users to experience euphoria in a number of different ways, travelling through each of the club’s contrasting rooms. Each genre of music within Club Harlecore is represented by a fantastical resident DJ. DJ Danny inhabits the Danny’s Euphoria Stadium playing uplifting hardcore, MC Boing (Danny L Harle x Lil Data) raps at the speed of light over makina in Boing’s Bounce Room, DJ Ocean (Danny L Harle x Caroline Polachek) floats around Ocean’s Floor, weaving ethereal ambient melodies, while DJ Mayhem (Danny L Harle x Hudson Mohawke) leads a trail of destruction in Mayhem’s Dungeon to the soundtrack of confrontational gabber. The ambition and scale of the project is matched only by its varied and full-bodied sound; Danny L Harle’s 13 track love letter to music that sounds the way he feels. Today, Danny hands over the keys to Club Harlecore for the first time, with Australian superproducer Flume reworking DJ Danny’s “On A Mountain”.

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His first taste of new music since 2020’s Grammy-nominated collaboration with Toro Y Moi, “The Difference,” and his remix to Eiffel 65’s “Blue,” Flume wastes no time in warping and abstracting the euphoric hardcore of “On A Mountain.” Punctuating the track’s hyperactive energy with nuclear bass hits and shocking static interference, the remix brings an unique, disruptive sense of rhythm that simultaneously fits in perfectly with the spirit of Harlecore while sounding like nothing else that exists in this universe. Retaining some of the track’s original elements, Flume builds a hypnotic yet turbulent interpretation of ‘On A Mountain’; one that’s set to ignite sound systems both IRL and online for the foreseeable future.

The first in a series of special Harlecore remixes set to be released over the coming months, Flume’s remix of “On A Mountain” sets a precedent for this new chapter of Danny’s utopian rave universe; nothing is off-limits.

This is Harlecore. This music sounds the way I feel.

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