Folk Influenced rocker Philip Vonesh shares the driving and sorrowful “Long Shadow” off new LP

“Long Shadow” is the latest single from If Only For The Night, the new and third album from Toronto’s Philip Vonesh. Philip, as a songwriter, crafts his music to be vulnerable and evocative with a penchant for mixing folk with rock hooks.

Ruminating on a quote he had heard about the duality of love and pain; Phillip found inspiration for “Long Shadow” both in lyrics and instrumentation. “The rhythm is driving, there’s tension in the muted minor chords. It is a verbatim retelling of the last goodbye of a relationship. My goal was to be painfully honest.”

The single is part of a deliberate collection of music that weaves together on If Only For The Night.  Originally intended to be a concept album, Side A about falling in love Side B falling out of it.  Coming to the realization that his strongest work was on Side B, the album became dedicated to breaking up. “It is nostalgic, melancholic, and just plain sad. Sometimes love doesn’t work out, and it’s no one’s fault.”

Consider the driving single “Long Shadow” and LP