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Frankie Zulferino Shares stunning Janet Jackson tribute video

Frankie Zulferino Shares stunning Janet Jackson tribute video ...

NYC pop artist Frankie Zulferino has posted a stunningly choreographed Janet Jackson tribute video that was sahred by Janet Jackson herself and viewed over 192,000 times on Instagram:

Fresh off the success from his recent single ‘Say Less’ that was featured on the Billboards in New York’s Times Square, Frankie says: “Janet Jackson has been one of my biggest idols and musical influences. Growing up I studied her videos and live performances and it made me want to be a entertainer. Her ability to translate a message to the world through music and dance has inspired a generation of people and is something I aspire and dream of till this day. When I decided to do this video with my Choroegrapher’s @janelleginestra and @willdabeast__ I was super nervous. How could I ever do justice to someone as iconic as Janet Jackson? In just a 4 hour rehearsal with the help of some of the most incredible dancers and humans we were able to put this together. To me this video wouldn’t be possible without all of these dancers they are just as much a part of this as I am. After a 4 hour shoot with my amazing friend and director @directorbrazil we completed my dream video.”