French techno talent Citizen Kain releases his debut on Artbat’s UPPERGROUND – part of their foward thinking and futuristic Cyberpunk Selected VA release.

Also featuring cuts from Shall Ocin and Fred Lenix alongside the labelheads themselves.

Citizen Kain joins Artbat’s UPPERGROUND with his new track ‘Ghosts & Shadows’, as part of their highly anticipated fourth edition of the ‘Selected’ series, this time titled ‘Cyberpunk.’ The VA features an exceptional line-up of artists, with the French techno talent making his UPPERGROUND debut, plus tracks from Shall Ocin, Fred Lenix, and the renowned ARTBAT themselves.

On ‘Ghosts and Shadow’s, the track’s gritty textures, powerful rhythms, and haunting elements come together to deliver an unforgettable sonic journey that leaves a lasting impact. Melodic techno, with the dystopian industrial beauty of a Blade Runner landscape, growling and prowling with that big room power… This is a track you can feel in your teeth while you dance and whose housey build and break has you on the edge of glorious insanity.

ARTBAT’s “Artefact,” a mesmerizing journey characterized by pulsating rhythms, modern production techniques, and the unmistakable ARTBAT flair. Shall Ocin makes a powerful statement with ‘External’ a track that seamlessly blends fast-paced grooves, gritty textures, and emotionally charged breakdowns. Fred Lenix presents “Oblivion Bells,” an exploration of raw and dark soundscapes that captivate the senses. The track’s scintillating tonal sounds, edgy arrangements, and captivating energy create an atmosphere of intrigue and anticipation.

The ‘Cyberpunk Selected’ compilation exemplifies UPPERGROUND’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of electronic music and exploring cutting-edge sounds. Each track on the release embodies a distinct blend of modernity, technical prowess, and a forward-thinking approach that sets the stage for the future of the genre.   Citizen Kain ‘Ghosts and Shadow’s is out now on UPPERGROUND’s Cyberpunk VA, also featuring Artbat, Shall Ocin, Fred Lennix, 

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