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Throughout my life, before FuntCase, I had attended many local raves. I tended not to go too far outside of my hometown though and if it did, it usually involved driving, therefore making my life easier to come and go as I please.

Last weekend I went to a show as a regular raver, outside of my home and comfort zone.

This time, we didn’t have the benefit of a drive, so we took multiple trains and went through the metro, which took maybe an hour or so. I stood in a huge line in the freezing cold outside the club, hoping the bouncers would hurry up and let me in, as I heard the tease of music just shying through the walls of the club outside. We finally get in and lust over the heat of the club, the music got louder and louder and finally we were in the main room. Throughout the night I danced at the front of the crowd and met a lot of really lovely people, but also had the luck and luxury of being able to go backstage to chill and say yo to the DJ’s and everyone I knew there.

After a long tiring night, it was 7am and finally time to go home.

Myself and hundreds of other people walked and stood crammed outside the metro waiting for it to open, shivering cold as the morning weather was brisk. The metro doors slowly open and we finally get inside, herding ourselves towards the trains and eventually end up waiting on an extremely and almost dangerously packed platform for the train home, still freezing cold and tired.

After a couple of hours, finally get back into the comfort of bed and get some serious rest.

Why did I just write all that you ask?

I just thought I would share my first experience of this and show my realisation into how much effort people go through just to come see myself and other DJ’s play. I appreciated you all so much already but this has humbled me into respecting all of you a whole lot more.

I would like to personally thank every single person who has taken many hours of their life travelling to come see me play and that I will do all I can, every single show, to make sure it’s an epic experience…well worth the time you took to be there.

Whether you’ve travelled 1 mile or 1000 miles, I thank you all so deeply.