Fyex, Shaun Dean, Sean Coy, Kaylee ‘What Can I Do’

When I hear you talking baby ‘bout your gonna leave
It’s hurting me so deep inside with what your telling me
When I look into your eyes the hurt is plain to see
I need you here in my life so please come home to me

Titled “What Can I Do”, the track delves into the emotional journey of a relationship on the brink of breaking. With heartfelt lyrics that convey the pain of impending separation, the song explores the desire to mend the bonds and regain trust.

With its energetic beats and irresistible rhythms, “What Can I Do” has become the anthem for those seeking not only a remarkable party experience but also a reminder of the power of love and the possibility of redemption.

Fyex is a 20 y/o old upcoming DJ/Producer which amassed over 70 million streams globally. Starting his journey back in 2018, he strongly came back in 2020 with various releases such as “You Make Me Feel”, “Hot” and others. Developing his style during the years, Fyex came back with his Tech-House remake of J.Lo’s famous hit “Jenny From The Block” which got supported by significant Spotify editorials and received important worldwide radio spins. In the start of 2023, Fyex hopped on the Phonk trend – collaborating with major artists such as $WERVE and FXRR and getting supported twice in the official Phonk editorial by Spotify.

If we’re talking Bassline, we’re talking Shaun Dean. This prolific producer from Huddersfield has an astonishing list of accolades behind his name. Across all platforms he has amassed an incredible 50 million+ streams, with an extensive back catalogue dating back to 2008. Since his first release, which was impressively released on his own label ‘Shaun Dean Audio’ aka SDA, his productions have dominated charts across multiple platforms, hitting the No. 1 spot multiple times with releases such as ‘Shut You Down’, ‘D Double’, ‘Poison’ & more.

Kaylee and Sean Coy have been collaborating with Shaun Dean for several years, and now they are joined by Fyex, who brings a captivating UK Organ House Remix to the table. This Version will be called “In Uber (What Can I Do)” and will be the focus track of the release.

What Can I Do (Original & Remix) by Fyex, Shaun Dean, Sean Coy & Kaylee will be released as 2 track bundle on 07.07.2023 by NITRON music/Sony Music Germany!