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Gareth Emery co-founds new music streaming service and digital payment platform, Choon

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Gareth Emery is set to use his public platform as a producer to make an impact on the music industry’s pay distribution system. Emery recently took to Facebook to announce the impending debut of Choon, a six-month project in the making that will function as a “music streaming service and digital payments ecosystem powered by the Ethereum blockchain.” An open-source computing platform designed for distribution purposes, Ethereum is comparable to Bitcoin — Emery declares Ethereum to be Bitcoin’s “better, more advanced sibling.”

Choon seeks to streamline the payment distribution process for artists, effectively allowing more artists to earn a living in music production. Although only in fledging production stages — Emery notes that Choon is in “its early days” — Choon will be the focus of Emery’s upcoming AMA style events in the weeks to follow. A Choon co-founder, Emery will use the AMA format to answer questions regarding the specifics of Choon’s design, development, and eventual launch. Emery did not release the names of his fellow co-founder(s) in the Facebook post.

Those interested in Choon can read the White Paper further explaining the business model on Choon’s official website.


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