George Demure returns with a trip to the record store

Pseudonym of renowned Scottish DJ/Producer George T, George Demure emerged in the heady days of pre-gentrified Shoreditch before signing to Trevor Jacksons Output Recordings in 2007, a brief spell with Tirk Records before releasing his final LP “The Drifter” in 2010.

He’s back.

On the racks and both sides of the counter it’s a place George knows very well. He co-founded Edinburghs Underground Solu’shn record store in 1995. It still runs today. After a move to London in 2001 he worked at Phonica in its infancy before settling in at Shoreditch’s Smallfish until it closed in 2010. If anyone were to put that experience to song, it could be him.

Online is fine, but there’s nothing quite like the real thing.

Those were his thoughts as he created that first modular riff and TR606 pattern (a mistake) that demanded a roll call for all the record shops he’d visited, worked at , bought from and sold to over the past 30 years. “I wrote only a few shops down on paper then recorded a guide for further recording but, when I listened back to the stream of consciousness it sounded just perfect”.

The companion piece to The Record Store (Cut The Rug) was penned shortly after, similarly reflective yet this time about nightclubs, and without any name checks. “It was lockdown, I missed dancing and was bursting to shimmy with everyone I’d ever known on the floor. Ever. I wrote it for them”

To help George along the way with this first release in 10 years he enlisted the remixing skills of three very good friends. Firstly Gav (Other Lands / Fudge Fingas) who worked with George at Underground Solushn. Secondly Jonny (Jonny Rock / Future Boogie) who worked behind that counter with George at Phonica. Finally Quinn (Johnny Aux / Paranoid London) who George released his third ever 12” with in 1997. They’re currently working together again for Optimo Music, but that’s another  story.

Record Store Roll Call as follows…

black market, fopp, select a disk, uptown, daddy cool, reckless, sister ray, rub a dub, record n tape exchange, catch a groove, defend, koobla, vinyl junkies, fat cat, mr bongo, eastern bloc, honest jons, smallfish, flash back, underground solu’shn, rough trade, east, payback, wind up, phonica, 23rd precinct, stranger than paradise, sounds of the universe, groove, trax, out on the floor

It’s where I’ll be, looking through A to Z.

George’s video for Cut The Rug premieres on Ransom Note on 29th September. He appears on EHFM’s “Sound Remedies” with Kate Harahan on the 6th of September and has received great support from Vic Galloway on BBC Worldwide, BBC Scotland and Riz Maslen’s on Camp Radio.

artist George Demure
title The Record Store (A to Z)
label All Noise
date 1st October
format VinylDigital


1. The Record Store (A-Z)
2. The Record Store (Johnny Aux Remix)
3. The Record Store (Instrumental Reprise)
4. Cut The Rug
5. Cut The Rug (Other Lands Remix)
6. Cut The Rug (Jonny Rock Remix)