GetGet ‘Thinking Right & Afterhours’ STMPD RCRDS

GetGet is back with two tracks yet again on STMPD RCRDS. After releasing ‘Can’t Take It’ and ‘Out Of My Life’ in July, he’s now adding ‘Thinking Right’ and ‘Afterhours’ to his ever-growing discography. Continuing his journey to try and bring back the groove and bounce to the EDM scene, he was inspired by the hip hop scene and Kaytranada while creating these new tracks. Thinking outside of the box while building his signature, his sound can be best described as a melting pot of hip hop, early house and techno. The result is a nice bridge between the styles that still has his signature sound shine through.


To find out more about GetGet and what inspires him watch the latest episode of STMPD RCRDS Radio here.