GIDEÖN announces new EP featuring contributions and influences from New York and London via Palestine

GIDEÖN‘s second release on his new imprint Homo-Centric is Storytime EP featuring contributions from Mandel Turner, Akram and EBS

HOMO-CENTRIC RECORDS launched in September 2022 with the Ritmo EP and an homage to Detroit powerhouse Aaron Carl. The imprint, founded primarily to amplify the creative contributions of queer artists working in dance music, features like-minded artists whose approach to Deep House aligns with GIDEÖN’s well-respected underground musical aesthetic. Conceptually, the label focuses on the LGBTQIA+ heritage of House and pays homage to its lost heroes.

For the second EP, GIDEÖN is joined by Mandel Turner, whose discography stretches back to the mid-90s as a writer, MC and vocalist, who travelled the globe performing with the likes of Franck Roger, Lorca, Kalk, Eric D Clark and Nile Rodgers, and included a turn as Barbara Tucker’s House DJ.

Gideon invites  Akram Abdulfattah to feature on the low slung “West Bank” cut on EP and features, a classical Palestinian violin virtuosos and one of Palestines brightest stars.

The Storytime EP weaves its way through classic house territory with GIDEÖN’s signature flair with diverse influences from New York and London via Palestine. The title track is a future queer ballroom anthem sampling the confessions of a wronged girlfriend raging about her closeted partner who she catches “on the downlow”.

The stone-cold belter on the EP is acid squelch infused ‘Nothing Without You’ , the collaboration with Mandel Turner. His huge vocal contributions bring down the house in classic US Garage style. 

GIDEÖN on his collaboration with Mandel Turner for the lead single ‘Nothing Without You‘- “This musical partnership between original New York legend Mandel Turner and me has been cooking for a long time. When I first met Mandel at Berlin’s Panorama Bar I was immediately starstruck like a teenage fan-boy because his classic “I Cry” cut from almost 21 years ago now. It remains one of my all-time favourite house vocals. Ever since that Berghain meeting, we have become friends, musical comrades and now with this release, collaborators! It’s a real honour to be working with talent as real as this!‘‘

Mandel Turner: “Nothing Without You” is a track thats being cooking for a long time now. I wrote the lyrics originally with an R&B slow-jam in mind but Gideon had other ideas…..the track has really been turning some heads on the dance floor recently. Last time Gideon played it at Panorama Bar, he played the Dub B-Side straight afterward the A-Side Vocal I was like whaaat…It was like an extended 12 minute mix when you add them both together. At The NYC Downlow at Glastonbury this year we did a live performance of it. It was vibey as hell in there!‘‘

‘‘This second EP goes a few steps further in the labels mission to focus on the queerness at the heart of House. It’s a broad-church collection of a bunch of different facets of the house sound that I love. The A-Side vocal, the dubbed out instrumental B-side and the downtempo after-hours jam. Actually the Dub of Nothing Without You is one of my favs….it’s been setting dance floors on fire anytime ive road tested it so far. I’m delighted to get this EP out there into the world finally and proud to have featured such strong artist partnerships on it.‘‘ – says GIDEÖN

artist GIDEÖN
title Storytime EP
label Homo-Centric
date:  single: 9th December | vinyl: 27th January | DSP: 10th February
format digital, vinyl

1. Nothing Without You (with Mandel Turner)
2. Nothing Without You (Dub)
3. Storytime 
4. The West Bank (feat. Akram & EBS)