GIDEÖN launches new label Homo-Centric with tribute to Detroit powerhouse and singular voice Aaron-Carl

Homo-Centric Records launches in September 2022 to showcase both GIDEÖN’s own musical creations and those of his comrades in House. The imprint, founded primarily to amplify the creative contributions of queer artists working in dance music, features like-minded artists whose approach to Deep House aligns with GIDEÖN’s well-respected underground musical aesthetic. Conceptually, the label focuses on the LGBTQIA+ heritage of House and pays homage to its lost heroes.

The label manifesto states its intent: “To re-establish the lines of queer musical tradition at the heart of House, lost to AIDS and the capitalist desecration of dance music itself. Homo-Centric both acknowledges and reveres the original LGBTQIA+, Black and Latin pioneers of House – their DNA permeates all subsequent journeys in the genre. Homo-Centric maintains that the original founders and champions of House must be recognised, named, and honoured.”

GIDEÖN – “After many years of procrastination, I have finally founded the Homo-Centric Records imprint to share some of the music I’ve been making and to serve as a platform to showcase great work from other artists committed to the true spirit of House music. To start off proceedings, the first collection of tracks on this debut EP are dedicated to a personal hero of mine: the late, great Aaron Carl (1973-2010).

The first single “Aaron Carl Lives On” features Aaron’s iconic words and wisdom on the phenomenon of House music. Tracking down Mel (Aaron’s partner who manages his estate) was a real detective mission. Despite many months of drawing complete blanks, I was finally introduced to Mel by Jeffrey Sfire, fellow Detroit queer royalty, and was given their blessing to release the track.

Starting things off with the first single which is an homage to the unsung, underrated black queer champions of House music felt like exactly the right foot to be getting off on, in a world where the real history of House is of often whitewashed.

‘Ritmo,’ which is the acid jam on the EP, has been creating serious heat on the dance floors when I’ve road tested it recently, and so that is another track I’m particularly excited to finally get to share with the world soon when the EP is released in October.”

GIDEÖN has a background in music spanning 30 years. In addition to his practice as a recording artist, stage designer, and curator, he is a touring DJ and an avid collector of vinyl. Since his first set of turntables in 1990, GIDEÖN has devoted his life to collecting vinyl from the US, Jamaica, Latin America, Africa, and the UK. He specialises in Northern Soul, Latin, Reggae, Gospel, and Disco rarities. House Music, above all, is his first and greatest love. He has a degree in Music with Visual Practice (BA Hons) and is currently guest Creative Director of Music for London Borough of Culture 2022.

GIDEÖN co-founded, co-created and curates Block9’s festival nightlife institutions at Glastonbury: NYC Downlow, Genosys, Maceo’s, and IICON. He is also resident and co-booker at London’s hottest queer club night Adonis. He’s a resident DJ at The Blessed Madonna’s “We Still Believe” and is regular at Berghain’s Panorama Bar, Lab.oratory, and Garten. He was also often invited to play at Kyiv’s ∄ club before the Russian invasion.

GIDEÖN has been very involved in political activism over the years and is now increasingly focused on organising hybrid cultural-political events partnering music and protest, often under the banner of R³ Soundsystem. Together with Love Music Hate Racism, he has organised major soundsystem interventions on many of the Stop Brexit, Stop Trump, and Anti- Fascism protests in London. He is actively involved with fundraising for several LGBTQIA+, human rights and social justice organisations including AllOut, Prepster, Human Dignity Trust, and Refugee Community Kitchen. Gideon sits on the advisory committee of The Right to Dance, part of War Child’s NGO Network.

R³ Soundsystem is a consortium of DJs, musicians, producers, record labels, festivals, nightclubs, sound systems, activists, and cultural organisations – all united by love of music and the rejection of right-wing nationalist values. R³ stand for: RESIST / REJECT / REVOLT.

artist GIDEÖN
title Aaron Carl Lives On – single | Ritmo EP
label Homo-Centric Records
date single – 1.09.22 streams/beatport | 15.09.22 All
EP – 14.10.22 vinyl | 28.10.22 digital
format Vinyl | digital
vinyl EP pre-order | stream | bandcamp

EP Tracklist 
A1. Aaron Carl Lives On
A2. Ritmo
B1. It Does Not Burn
B2. Over Back Then