Hemissi returns to Symbolism with the ‘Ecstasy’ EP.

Following an appearance on Ben Sims‘ ‘Synchronicity’ mix comp in 2021 and releases for AxisSoma and Mord, French producer Hemissi drops his ‘Ecstasy’ EP on Symbolism this August.

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The slick, punchy minimalism of ‘Birthmark’ opens the ‘Ecstasy’ EP and tips a nod for what’s to come with its deft use of cyclical melodies. The title track follows with cascading synths counterpointed with razor-sharp percussion and another rock-steady groove before the arpeggio-fuelled ‘Shyd’ hits a more frenetic vibe. The deep, mournful melodies of ‘Bioluminescence’ close out the ‘Ecstasy EP’ with classy, end-of-night flair.

Hemissi’s ‘Ecstasy EP’ is released on Symbolism on August 18th.


01 Birthmark
02 Ecstasy
03 Shyd
04 Bioluminescence