Horse Head Men Deliver Rock N’ Roll Vibes on “Stream Concrete”

Horse Head Men reveal their new single “Concrete Heaven” out today via all digital platforms. 

With their roots in TV music work, Horse Head Men is an explosive rock trio based out of Lyndhurst NJ. Blending each member’s deep musical knowledge and influences, from classical to psychedelic, they have created a sound that is somewhere between pop punk and good ol fashioned rock and roll with songs lasting no more than two and a half minutes.”Concrete Heaven” is a punk rock track that showcases the band’s unique blend of alternative rock, indie and post-punk influences. From the opening chords of the guitar to the enticong vocals, the track immediately draws the listener in and holds their attention throughout the course of the song.

Listen to “Concrete Heaven” here:

The idea is simple, make catchy riffs and relatable lyrics, cut the filler and make everything sound like it could be a radio hit. 

This idea proved the boys well as their music was originally intended for various TV, Film, and Web series. 

The core of the band is Jim on vocals, JB on guitar, and Jose on Bass. With the help of their session drummer friends, they have already made a splash on the local NJ live rock scene and produced a moderately successful debut single called “Buzzsaw” which as JB describes as “A homage to Dick Dale and Agent Orange with operatic vocals.”

Horse Head Men can be heard on hit YouTube Kids series “Found Home Farms” and if you ever happen to make it to South Africa, you can hear them all over a skateboarding TV show called “A Simple Life.”

Horse Head Men’s “Concrete Heaven” is a strong single that showcases their unique sound and songwriting ability. It is a promising sign of what is to come from the band and leaves listeners excited for future releases.