Ian Ludvig readies ‘Like A Drug’ EP for Bedouin’s Human By Default.

Ian Ludvig is a Spanish DJ, producer, and composer who has previously released on Damian Lazarus’ Crosstown RebelsConnected, and Moblack amongst others, collaborating with the likes of Dennis Cruz since his debut release in 2015. Now arriving on Bedouin’s Human By Default for the first time, Ludvig brings three emotive and cinematic house cuts to the label.

Leading the release, the title track ‘Like A Drug’ brings gentle chord progressions, evolving synths, and rolling drums together under soaring vocals for a contemplative start to the release. ‘Chaos’ follows with dense atmospherics and clattering percussion for a heavy, chugging affair, before ‘Fear’ closes the release, initially maintaining the tension with a heady intro before opening into a gorgeous section of floating pads and additional vocals.

Ian Ludvig’s ‘Like A Drug’ drops on 14th October 2022 via Human By Default.


01 Like A Drug
02 Chaos
03 Fear