Founder and CEO of Life In Color Sebastian Solano’s promotion to CEO of ID&T North America is a massive win for EDM fans. His new leadership position is reviving our faith in the future of electronic dance music both in North America and beyond.

Yes, the EDM industry is a business, and it can be clouded by greed and politics. Fans who have heard big businessman Robert Sillerman talk about SFX may have realized (or heard him straight up admit) that he’s not even a dance music fan. But Solano is one of us, and he’s the kind of leader that EDM needs to prevail through this tumultuous time.

The mainstream bubble IS bursting; in that EDM, now fully and totally in the spotlight, is extremely vulnerable to criticism. Passionate pioneers both on the music side and on the business side are needed to keep this culture from being crushed by stigmas. Solano truly cares about dance music and seems to understand what this community needs right now. His first and foremost priority as CEO… “to uplift the culture and the vibe.”

“We’re promoters, and we’ve devoted our lives to throwing amazing parties for music fans because we love the music, because we love to deliver an amazing experience. That’s the reason why we’re here, and that’s the reason why I took this job.”

Solano’s story is that of a rare music industry success, like a bedroom producer making it to the main stage through passion and hard work. Born and raised in Colombia, Solano moved to Miami as a young teenager and began throwing his first dance music parties in high school.

At FSU, he co-founded Committee Entertainment and in 2007 was first introduced to Dayglow, a popular theme for fraternity and sorority parties where everyone dresses in white and gets doused by paint while raging on the dance floor. Inspired by ID&T’s Sensation events in Europe, Solano swiftly trademarked Dayglow, envisioning it to be the concept that would help him build the American version of Sensation – an ambitious but ingenious plan.

In just five years, Solano found himself in front of the most powerful figures in electronic dance music. He went from hosting his first Dayglow party at a nightclub in Miami for 600 people to hosting a Dayglow stage at the 2009 and 2010 Ultra Music Festival.

By 2012, Disco Donnie – who had served as a mentor – introduced Solano to Robert Sillerman amidst the building of the SFX Entertainment empire. Realizing the potential to make a global impact, Solano agreed to sell Dayglow, which became Life In Color, to SFX but stayed on as CEO and President of the brand. And now, as CEO of ID&T North America, Solano is taking the reigns of events of some of EDM’s most beloved festivals, includingTomorrowWorld and Mysteryland.

With Solano at the helm of these events, fans can rest assured that important decisions will be coming from the mind of a true dance music lover and longtime believer in the beauty and power of this culture.