Indie Buzz Band FRAT MOUSE Get “Closure” On New Single

Frat Mouse is an indie band on the rise that have been creating a buzz wherever they go since 2019. Their latest release “Closure,” has the band off and running into 2023 as they plan to release their latest album due out later this Spring.

“Closure,” is a song about letting go in all sense of the word.

Listen in here:

Truman of Frat Mouse shares of the track:

“Closure”  is a speeding in the residential neighborhood Wu-Tang the blunt jammer that we wrote so we could scream it at shitty venues and start mosh pits. We wrote it together while on a bender and couldn’t stop laughing and crying as we wrote the second verse. At its core it’s about hanging out with your friends and making music that’s true, reflective and impulsive.”

The end product is an exhilarating single which sounds just as pulsating as some of the genre’s biggest singles, of which each and every lyric are still belted out at house-parties across the globe. Crafting a distinct, yet captivating track, Frat Mouse blend a unique skillset to create a larger than life indie sound. 

Frat Mouse is a band started in 2019 by two high school seniors that got out of hand. After 3 albums and nearly 4 years of constant music, Frat Mouse is truly the bleeding edge of the West Coast emo scene. Today, you’ll find Frat Mouse ripping up Los Angeles’ favorite venues and never leaving them the same.

Frat Mouse is about to become your new favorite band, so keep an ear out for their fuller release coming later this Spring.