THE PROVOS Share Double Eclectic Single, Out Now!

The Provos are out of the gate running in 2023 with their latest double single release “The Burning Moon,” and “Holden’s Jig.”

Listen to “The Burning Moon”

Listen to “Holden’s Jig”

A break from today’s landscape of repetitive sugar pop chords,  The rowdy septet, The Provos are a colorful group full of Irish ballads and runs saturated with lyrical storytelling. They play a mixture of traditional Irish covers and original songs of their own inspired style. From Costa Mesa, CA, a land all but barren of Irish music, The Provos took their start in late 2020 in the guitar players garage, already close friends, the group immediately meshed well. 

A mixture of musical passion and boredom then overtook the original five members, and sent them into a fever inspired by bands like The Pogues and the Waterboys, as well as all the classic rebel songs from the likes of the Wolfe Tones. Irish Punk has always been something of a misnomer, due to the lack of electric guitars and the strong folk element. 

The classification, however, undoubtedly comes from the force and energy they exhibit any time they perform. Most of the members at the time of conception had never even picked up their instruments, but were determined to make something of the concept nonetheless. Since then, The Provos have gained two members and the musical complexity to boot. 

“The Burning Moon” is a stunning and intricate song which brings to life the very essence of The Provos. The song combines surreal vocals and their ethereal and emotive quality which adds depth and emotional resonance to the lyrics.The b-side, “Holden’s Jig” is a lively instrumental track that blends traditional Irish music with contemporary elements. The song begins with a fast-paced melody that quickly establishes a catchy and upbeat rhythm. The addition of the surrounding instruments create a driving pulse that propels the melody forward, giving the tune a modern feel while still honoring its traditional roots.

Playing some of Southern California’s key venues such as Alex Bar, in Long Beach, and The Wayfarer, Costa Mesa. Upon those stages, The Provos have been seen with the likes of The Dickies, The Tijuana Panthers, The Crowd, along with many others. Although some may be confused, or even put off by the foreign sound of Irish music, the unique style of The Provos have never failed to win over a crowd.