Interactive Noise releases ‘Dissociaxion’ EP via Indira Paganotto’s ARTCORE imprint

Released on 26th October, ‘Dissociaxion’ fuses Interactive Noise’s signature progressive and psy-trance vibe with ARCTORE’s gritty, sinister sonics across two huge peak-time cuts…

Hugo Venegas, also known as Interactive Noise, has been pushing the boundaries of electronic music since 2007, significantly impacting the global progressive trance scene through several influential studio albums and continuous performances at renowned festivals and club spaces. Bringing his seamless blend of electronic sounds, including progressive house, techno, and minimal elements, Interactive Noise is primed to debut on Indira Paganotto’s increasingly popular ARTCORE imprint this October with an impressive two-track release titled ‘Dissociaxion’.

‘The Punisher’ feat. Lil Jorck quickly dives into the release’s flow of driving grooves and riveting
musicality. A combination of thick kicks, potent bass notes and fizzing percussive energy lead the way through a series of climatic peaks and atmospheric troughs, all characterised by an ominous vocal topliner.


The second of two tracks with a cinematic entrance, is ‘Where Is My Mind’. It’s an impressive scene-setting record with a vast array of attention-grabbing elements. Its onslaught of highoctane minimalist psytrance beats provides the perfect platform for a continually warping arrangement of rave-inspired instruments and broken robotic vocals to carve out a special mainstage weapon.

‘Dissociaxion’ is available to buy from 26th October 2023 via Indira Paganotto’s


  1. Interactive Noise – ‘The Punisher’ Feat. Lil Jorck
  2. Interactive Noise – ‘Where Is My Mind’

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Hugo Venegas (INTERACTIVE NOISE) – Born in Mexico, Hugo started to submerge himself in music at a very young age. His great passion for music eventually evolved into creating computer-generated beats. He experimented with a variety of electronic music genres, which led to the birth of the Interactive Noise project in 2007 – his main driver was to develop a truly fresh new style of music.

Interactive Noise is made for those seeking to find high quality, original music that shifts boundaries. As a live act, Interactive Noise has performed at many of the world’s top music festivals; as a producer, he has published several tracks with some of the most important international record labels.

Hugo (Interactive Noise) made quite an impact on the progressive trance scene in 2010, when he produced his debut album Rewire, released through the SpinTwist label. The album tapped into the current progressive/psy trance revolution, and set the trends for fans wanting a more progressive 21st Century style of music. The album seamlessly blends many electronic sounds, including progressive house, with strong doses of techno and minimal sounds added.

He has received acclaim worldwide for his original productions, establishing him as one of the new names to watch in international dance.

His second album called “Synthetik pleasure” indicator of the awesome playful progressive trance is Merging quotes from various electronic music styles into a hypnotic Progressive groove, the Mexican artist creates a one-of-a-kind tension between familiar and surprising sound elements. Again it is this fusion of solid Progressive Trance and unpredictable noise experiments that creates an irresistible catchiness.

After exploring clubs and festivals around the world he released his Second Studio Album called “SYNTHETIK PLEASURE” (2011)  A unique blend of Progressive House, Techno and Electro, all united by a strong progressive Trance groove, as he demonstrated to have a character very refreshing own that fascinated popular DJs around the world. From that point on, things really took off: he appeared on more and more festival & lineups in North America , South America, whole  Europe, Australia and also in Africa.

Their third studio album, “MEMORIES” was released in 2013. It is composed of remixes from another level of meaning. As a result of a creative exchange with some of the most recognized producers of the genre, the Mexican Hugo Venegas becomes an innovative paradigm in the Progressive Trance scene. November 2015 he officially announced that his new album; “THE NINE STORIES” released in April 2016, surprising the entire scene and becoming synonymous with a class of its own. Currently, Hugo Venegas has released 57 digital singles (EPS).

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