Introducing ‘Built To Be Bad’: An Emotional Ballad by Grace Gachot

London-based rising pop sensation Grace Gachot released her latest single, ‘Built To Be Bad,’ produced by Ollie Green (known for his work with Emile Sandé, Tom Grennan, and Freya Ridings). Grace, who has been making waves with her heartfelt and relatable music, aims to empower and inspire her listeners with every note and lyric she shares.


BBC Radio1 DJ Jack Saunders 

That, right there, that’s a special piece of pop music! It’s really hard to capture genuine heartbreak and Grace finds the rhythm in the pain. The song swells with the emotion of it all, the kind of emotion you go through when you’re going through something like heartbreak and overall, there is just so much drama in the storytelling of this song. Ultimately, Grace is battling with the kindness in her own soul.

Grace Gachot’s journey in the music world began at an early age, driven by her passion for musical theater and pop music. Her talent and dedication were evident from her teenage years when she started performing locally, catching the attention of a producer at just 16. This paved the way for her to move to London, collaborate with fellow musicians, and refine her songwriting skills.

Her multicultural background, allowing her to write in both English and Spanish, has helped her connect with audiences around the globe. In September 2022, Grace independently released her debut single, ‘Fuckboy Tragedy,’ which quickly garnered over 500k streams on Spotify and millions of views on YouTube, leading to a multi-single deal signing with ‘Sound On,’ TikTok’s distribution arm.

Grace’s music is a reflection of her love for fairytales and her longing for an old Hollywood romance in a modern era. Her lyrics delve into themes of love, self-worth, and kindness, with the resolute aim of inspiring young girls to believe in themselves while romanticizing life’s full potential. Her songwriting is personal, raw, and unfiltered, aimed at connecting deeply with her listeners.

‘Built To Be Bad’ – now hitting almost 700k on TikTok – is a poignant and epic piano ballad that captures the raw emotions of a broken heart. Co-written with Ollie Green, the song reflects Grace’s personal experience of heartbreak, infatuation, betrayal, and the fine line between compassion and hatred. It’s a song for those who have been hurt but still can’t find it in their hearts to be cruel. It’s a reminder that some people are simply ‘not built to be bad.’

The track features an orchestra of live strings, adding a cinematic and heartfelt touch to the emotional journey it narrates. The accompanying music video is set to be climactic, creating an unforgettable visual experience.

Grace Gachot’s music has been compared to artists like Lauren Spencer-Smith, Lewis Capaldi, Cian Ducrot, and Madison Beer, making her a perfect fit for playlists that appreciate heartfelt and powerful pop and singer/songwriter tunes.

Grace’s unique journey of creating ‘Built To Be Bad’ further deepens the authenticity of the song, as she channeled her own heartbreak into the music. The emotion captured in her original vocals, despite her physical illness that day, added a layer of authenticity that couldn’t be replicated in later takes.

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