Introducing Nullzwei, and their iconic dance hit ‘Jesus In Berlin’

The German duo’s breakthrough track has taken the internet – and the dancefloor – by storm

‘Jesus In Berlin’, the runaway sensation from German duo Nullzwei, continues to pass new milestones.


Imagining seeing Jesus Christ in a club in Berlin, ‘Jesus In Berlin’ has captured the zeitgeist with its devilish humour and swaggering synth-heavy production. “Turning water into wine / he was looking hella fine”, goes the irresistible vocal. 

A German duo based in Rotterdam consisting of Chris Sigl and BERTHAJUNullzwei (meaning ’02 in German) came up with ‘Jesus In Berlin’ as part of a college dissertation to make a Christmas song and later released it onto streaming platforms. 

Nullzwei are bringing their own quirky, vibrant and youthful energy to the underground dance scene. Since they came of age during the pandemic, they’re yet to experience a rave in person – but the duo are compensating by creating their own fun and inclusive take on rave culture for novices who may be initially intimidated by the experience. Putting their unique spin on underground sonics, the duo have quickly established their own niche of alternative dance music, proudly laying the groundwork for a new wave of young ravers.

Despite only meeting in college five months ago, these two new age artists are skyrocketing towards stardom on a wave of viral success. Despite no editorial support thus far, the single charged its way to the #1 spot in the global Spotify Viral Charts for 10 consecutive days as well as already achieving over 10 million views on TikTok to date.

Nullzwei continue their ever-evolving success story with an ingenious track that belies their age and electronic newcomer status. For fresh-faced clubbers and seasoned ravers alike, ‘Jesus In Berlin’ has captured the zeitgeist and taken the global dancefloor by storm: do you believe in ‘Jesus….?’ 

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