Introducing the dynamic remix of the viral hit “Smooth Operator” by The Good Son, KHEMIS & Diana Martinez

Originally taking the world by storm, “Smooth Operator” by Sade quickly became a viral hit on TikTok in 2023. With its irresistible melodies, soulful lyrics, and infectious groove, the song effortlessly established itself as base for thousands of TikTok creations.

By infusing their distinctive styles into the track, The Good Son, KHEMIS and Diana Martinez have created a sonic masterpiece that amplifies the allure of the original. The remix blends elements of electronic, pop, and dance music flawlessly, delivering an exhilarating and memorable listening experience.

Led by Afterfab, a talented trap music producer with over 50 million YouTube views, The Good Son is a rising house music project that has achieved significant milestones, including collaborations with JORDAN×PSG and opening for DJ SNAKE.

KHEMIS is an internationally acclaimed Pop/House artist with over 30 million streams. His captivating productions and performances have earned him global recognition. With a cumulative total of over 200 million streams across all his projects (Feather, Lost in Pacific, Casual Sex etc…), KHEMIS has gained recognition on a global scale. With signatures on major record labels, this talented artist has DJed in venues worldwide. Captivating audiences with his exceptional talent and energy. KHEMIS continues to push boundaries, leaving an unforgettable mark in the music industry.

Smooth Operator (TikTok Remix) by The Good Son, KHEMIS & Diana Martinez will be released on 14.07.2023 by NITRON music/Sony Music Germany!

The Good Son