Iranian-American artist Sepehr returns with purpose and a new album ‘Survivalism’ on his own Shaytoon imprint

Sepehr is a live act, DJ, producer, and remixer based in New York City. The Bay Area native has become a new and interesting force in the world of left-leaning psychedelic dance music — on the dance-floor, behind the decks, in the studio, or all of the above and then some.

He started DJing in his teens; his sets can range from off-kilter house and psychedelic techno, to heady electro, classic acid, and non-conventional atmospherics. In late 2017 he began performing live PA sets, utilizing his immense production backlog to perform vivid and electric sets, from potent dance music to psychedelic and esoteric soundscapes.

Sepehr is the label head of Shaytoon Records, an imprint focused on the Iranian/Middle Eastern underground, that began last year with his ‘Crown Jewel’ EP.

artist Sepehr
title Survivalism
label Shaytoon
date 7th October
format Vinyl | Digital
cat. # SHAY002
album clips


1. Eternity’s Artifice
2. Destination Unknown
3. Solitary Tool
4. Lavashak Love
5. Bipayan
6. Survivalism
7. Plane of Fear (Bonus Track)