Italian mainstay maroglio.jay shows off his love for emotive house music with an incendiary new vocal cut on his own Humatron Records.

Giovanni Maroglio has been deep in the scene for over 20 years so knows it inside out. He has played all over Europe and runs his own club night, also called Humatron. Like his own sets and productions, it is a party that offers fresh and contemporary electronic sounds. This new track was born in the Sumatran studio in Florence and is set to go global while a remix from Ruben Mandolini will soon follow.

There is an electric energy to ‘What House! as soon as it kicks off – the drums are raw and bristling with thumping kick drums full of bounce and bass rolling deep down low. The icing on the cake is a sizzling vocal that lights up the entire track with tons of attitude. As the jacked-up track barrels onwards, fists will pump and sweat will fly on the dance floor.

‘What House!’ is another timeless gem from Giovanni Maroglio.

Release Date: 10-04-2023


01 ‘What House!’

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