J Dynamic ignites the summer season with fire delivery ‘Energy Fit’

Photo credit: Aaron Delgado

Hailing from Minneapolis, Minnesota,  J Dynamic is well versed in the art of sonically storming club heaters. Armed with the distinct drawl of his hometown, if he were to put ‘Alchemist’ at the top of his resumé, nobody could question it. Following the growth of a superbly varied catalogue with releases like ‘Bahamas’ and ‘Higher’ reaching almost 500k streams collectively, the unique talent now returns with his latest offering ‘Energy Fit’ – a welcome addition of pure fire to ignite the summer season.

With a zest for collaboration and a desire to channel his unmatched vivacity, J Dynamic’s forthcoming project sees him fully embrace his natural propensity for performance, with a multitude of live dates taking shape for 2023. As 2022 saw the artist make waves at Minneapolis miniFEST, Hip Hop for Autism, Smile Fest, Shout Out Loud, and a benefit for Justin Sutherland, J Dynamic now begins a new chapter set to be packed with content, live performances with the help of J’s newly reformed band, and projects to elevate the artist to new heights.

Promoting a new streetwear brand ‘Energy Gear’ while simultaneously turning up the heat in a club setting, J Dynamic consistently surrounds himself with like-minded creatives – bridging the gap between fashion and music with a ‘dynamic’ and original approach. 

With a sound that resembles a transformative potion of wondrously energetic hip hop sounds, the Twin Cities hip hop act fuses the perfect melodic and upbeat rapping flares with multi-layered beats and seamlessly integrates them. Crooning over a journeyed beat on ‘Energy Fit’, J Dynamic strikes the perfect balance of impactful cadence and recite-worthy hooks, resulting in a cleverly complex track in wonderfully simple clothing. As J Dynamic continues to interlink classic, evergreen rap styles with pleasing, unexpected flips, his signature unruffled and unhurried flow is one that resonates with every hip hop lover.

Taking the Minneapolis music scene to places it hasn’t been before, J Dynamic has embraced the natural development of a storming catalogue since 2019. With an exciting year ahead of him, the entertainment einstein continues to envelope listeners in unadulterated enjoyment as he introduces himself to event-goers nationwide. Coupled with his playful, bouncy rap style and winking wit, this is an artist born out of pure organic growth. As his dynamic background and points of reference ground him, he now gears up to share his infectious energy – prickling the ears of many with his most trusted collaborators by his side. 

“This track is more of an all-encompassing experience than anything else. From fashion lines to festivals, ‘Energy Fit’ has sparked a variety of projects and we’re running with it. When the hook popped into my head, I sent it over to my boy NRG Mike and it was a wrap!” – J Dynamic

About J Dynamic

J Dynamic is a Minnesota based hip hop artist/singer/songwriter with an uplifting positive vibe. He has a variety of styles with tracks like “Bahamas” and “Summertime” giving off some relaxed, sunshine on a summer day vibes. And on the same project, songs like “higher” and “hyperdrive” that have deep messages delivered with high energy.

 When performing, his main focus is crowd involvement, whether it’s hyping them and keeping the energy up, or having them sing along to a hook; as well as some story telling sprinkled in between songs and comedic banter with both his hype man (Toby Swisher) and the crowd.

After an exciting break through 2022 and a momentous start to 2023, we are excited to announce the further availability of future booking dates for Twin Cities hip hop act J Dynamic (Jeremiah Morland). With a focus on festivals and direct support gigs, 2023 is already shaping up to be one to remember for Morland and his newly reformed live band! With an extensive local collab list already taking form, strong streaming numbers, and new upcoming content, the future is truly limitless for this Minneapolis-based MC. 

Dynamic’s new live show is really where this group shows their true energy. Most recently performing with MJG Owner and Guitarist of The Big Wu, Mark Joseph at the 2023 edition of Hotel Minnesnowta. In late 2022, J Dynamic was hand selected by Mr. Peter Parker and DJ D-Mil to open for Hip-Hop legend Paul Wall. Additional ‘22 headlining gigs included but were not limited to: Minneapolis miniFEST, Hip Hop for Autism, Smile Fest, Shout Out Loud, and A Benefit for Justin Sutherland.2023 will mark the further elaboration of the sound of J Dynamic.