Following a slew of successful releases this year including “Back To Me”, “Every Little Thing”  and “Dance”, Jake Silva has released the official song of the summer – “Bad” with Frankie Sims and Marco Nobel. Old-time commrades Sims and Silva have had a breakout year alongside eachother with the release of “Waste Your Love” and “Feels Right”. Featuring Silva’s knack for creating dancefloor staples, Sims’ high-energy production technique, and Marco Nobel’s talent for crafting irresistible melodies,  “Bad” is a carefully curated blend of synths and a topline that takes center stage, promising to engage and enthrall listeners. “Bad” is slated to release June 23 via Soave.


 “Bad” is a testament to Jake Silva and Frankie Sims’ artistry, unleashing their collaborative genius on this dancefloor opus. Enveloped with radiant synth elements and a pulsating bassline – this single exudes good vibes and upbeat energy. Its catchy topline, vocal hooks, and carefully crafted percussive elements lead to a fiery drop that effortlessly makes listeners want to sing along and dance to the tune. Crafted for any occasion, whether it’s a workout session, pregame festivities, or a day at the beach. It is destined to become a beloved melody among dance music fans everywhere.

Continuously pushing the envelope on fresh ways to evolve their sound, Jake Silva and Frankie Sims have each proven their status as ones to watch in the dance music scene. Together, their collaborative efforts create music that pushes the confines of the house music genre. Now collaborating with a name like Marco Nobel and releasing on Soave, these two further display their meteoric rise to fame. With every production, these two level up their game and they have certainly done the same with “Bad”. Expect to see more powerful, boundary-breaking collaborations between Jake Silva and Frankie Sims in the future.

ABOUT JAKE SILVA – Jake Silva (aka Jake Barroca) is a House- Music DJ/ Producer based out of New York City. Jake’s high quality productions have earned him recognition on major labels including his first track on Sony Orchard. Recently, he has signed his music to Mentalo, Revealed, Soave, Groove Basement, Black Hole Recordings, 2-Dutch, Controversia, Chapter Eight, and many more to come. As a social- media persona, Jake Silva has brought the energy to become “one of the hottest prospects in the house music industry.” Jake Silva is very passionate and consistent with his content creation and loves to engage with his fans. 

As a producer, Jake Silva’a Spotify catalog has grown in astronomical numbers with his first track of the year reaching 200k in just a month! Jake Silva has been collaborating with well known producers in the industry including Marco Nobel, Wave Wave, Amari, Alfred Beck, Sirona, Delayz, Jonah Oslah, Frankie Sims, and many more to come. As a DJ, Jake has performed at Manhattan’s most popular night clubs and festivals including Governors Ball, Marquee, Lavo, SWNW, Sony Hall, and Harbor NYC just to name a few. Most notably he has supported major artists like Claptone, Sigala, Nicky Romero, R3hab, Quintino, Dzeko, Topic, etc. Jake has a huge summer ahead of him with many gigs scheduled across the United States. Jake Silva is determined to make a mark on the music industry and be on the lookout for his brand new music.

ABOUT FRANKIE SIMS – Frankie Sims, the 23-year-old house music prodigy from NYC, is creating seismic waves in the electronic music scene. With infectious rhythms and mesmerizing melodies, he effortlessly transports listeners to a euphoric realm where the dance floor becomes a sanctuary of pure bliss. His latest release, “Waste Your Love” is a summertime anthem which captures the energy of the season. Having amassed an impressive 250k streams on his summer track, “Feels Right,” Frankie’s irresistible grooves have captivated global audiences. His first single, ‘Every Little Thing”, helped put him on the map with 165k streams and counting.

Frankie’s journey is far from over. With an insatiable passion for his craft, he’s on the verge of unleashing a torrent of new summertime singles that will push the boundaries of his sound even further. From the studio to the stage, Frankie’s upcoming releases promise to be nothing short of awe-inspiring, reaffirming his position as a rising force in the house music realm. With his innovative approach to production and unwavering dedication to his craft, Frankie is poised to leave an indelible mark on the music industry, captivating hearts and minds with every beat.