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Jamie Grey brings soulful nostalgia to new single ‘Christmas In Our Hometown’

Brings soulful nostalgia to new single ‘Christmas In Our Hometown’ out now

Soul-pop singer-songwriter Jamie Grey is pleased to announce details of a brand new release with the arrival of ‘Christmas In Our Hometown’ due for release this December. An endearing, personal meditation, underpinned by Jamie’s delicate vocal delivery, it offers the perfect respite we all need right now.

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Jamie says: “I tried to just be honest and write about what the lead up to Christmas rather than the actual day always felt like to me being from our little town of Redcar. We kind of have a strip of pubs and bars in the town centre, which practically the whole town comes out to from around the 21st of December up until Boxing Day. I always remembered coming back from London and so looking forward to seeing old friends and even acquaintances that I’d only see once a year. We’re also famous for the steel works in our area and a lot of my friends worked in the local factories before closing down. There’s very much a sense of community and togetherness where we live, as we don’t have a lot. There’s not as you can imagine a great deal of opportunity, we have some of the lowest unemployment levels in the UK and Christmas is a time where all that gets forgotten and everyone comes together to share a beer and have a laugh.”

Hailing from the seaside town of Redcar in the North East of England, Jamie Grey has come a long way since his journey into music began.

A semi-finalist on The Voice UK, Jamie attracted major attention stateside from DJ Khaled and Epic Records in 2018, having written the song “They Don’t Want You To Win” – in which he used a series of famous DJ Khaled snapchat quotes to make up the lyrics. Jamie signed a publishing deal with Downtown in 2019. He then went on to pen James Arthur’s smash single “Falling Like The Stars”, which has amassed over 170 million Spotify streams and been used in TV shows such as American Idol, Britain’s Got Talent and Love Island. He also penned the track “Maybe” from the UK number two album “You”. Jamie was then offered the chance to support Arthur on his European tour.

Taking inspiration from singer-songwriters such as James Morrison, Paolo Nutini and Daniel Merriweather, Jamie’s style is organic, raw and honest. His soulful tone is rich and warm, which he fuses with his acoustic guitar and piano.