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LUCFest 2020 draws 100,000 strong crowds over 3 days!

(Go Go Machine Orchestra)

Draws 100,000 strong crowds over 3 days

Taiwan’s celebrated music showcase festival LUCFest drew crowds of over 100,000 during the course of 3 days from 27th November to 29th November. Featuring over 72 live performances and networking events scattered across the historical coastal city of Tainan, this year’s festival was an extremely special event as it took place during a global pandemic.

Watch 2020 highlight reel here:

Showcasing established and rising acts across the indie and electronic music spectrum, this year’s festival was restricted to Taiwanese artists only due to worldwide travel restrictions. 

Festival Director Weining says: “It was a special year for us. Under the COVID situation and with all the challenges, we made it happen in Taiwan. At the critical moment like this, we can see the importance of music and live performances even more. It brought us together and to show people hope. With three days we gathered 100000 people across 6 stages. We miss all our friends and artists from abroad and really hope we will have them join on 2021 again!”

Highlights include live performances by flavour of the moment shoe gazers Sunset Rollercoaster, Punk rockers Wayne Is So Sad, Post-punks Fresh Juicer, left field electronic outfit Go Go Machine Orchestra, synth trio Mong Tong and Murky Ghost. 

LUCfest combined a music industry and networking forum that connected Asia with the international music community. This year’s 3 day event presented more than 10 showcase performances and 8 professional music forums that took place during the festival. This included panels, workshops and networking events featuring music artists, record companies, labels, festival curators and media. 

Festival director (Ms) Weining Hung explains: “We feel extremely privileged that LUCfest actually took place physically in 2020, being probably the only full capacity physical showcase festival in Asia. This would not have been possible if not for the hard work and collaborative effort by the Taiwanese government and people that the current situation seems under control. For a country of 23 million, we had less than 800 cases in total and 7 deaths. As one of few countries holding a physical showcase music festival in 2020, LUCfest acts an important role for continually supporting an artist’s live career during the pandemic.”

The ethos of LUCfest is designed to bring together different countries and musical styles. The festival is dedicated in providing a complete and diverse combination of Asian music, artist creativity and aesthetics. The event engages the audience to deeply explore the rich energy of Taiwan’s independent music and to establish a platform for information and resource exchange between Asian and Western music markets, promoting and matching Taiwan’s artists to the international stage.