Jarreau Vandal returns to the club, adding his unique stamp to Amapiano on ‘Ede Weri (Srananpiano)’

The collaboration with S!RENE and Dotboi is the first release from the Dutch trailblazer’s latest project, coming this spring.

Dutch producer and DJ Jarreau Vandal teams up with S!RENE  and Dotboi to meld global genres on his new single ‘Ede Weri (Srananpiano)’, out 31st March on Hear This Records.

Jarreau Vandal – ‘Ede Weri (Srananpiano) feat S!RENE & Dotboi’

‘Ede Weri (Srananpiano)’ offers up a unique blend of Surinamese ‘Kawina’ music, and Amapiano, the South African club genre that has exploded worldwide, from his base in Amsterdam. The track sees Jarreau Vandal taking traditional Surinamese sounds and translating them to contemporary global clubbers. Alongside Vandal’s joyfully clamorous percussion, brooding synths and a vibrant guitar solo, Dotboi provides vocals in the Surinamese ‘Sranan Tongo’ language, and S!RENE assists with meticulously crafted production.

The track is the first glimpse of Jarreau’s latest project, soon to be announced, and sees the Dutch DJ and producer reflecting on his journey as an artist so far.

“Making this single and actually the whole EP was a big challenge”, Jarreau says of the release. “I wanted to incorporate music from my Dad’s country Suriname with electronic music and other genres. It took me a year to finally find the sound I was really looking for. With this single I mixed “Kawina” with “amapiano” which is a challenge on its own since most amapiano music doesn’t have a prominent kick drum, which Kawina is built around.”

Describing the recording process, he says: “Once I had the demo, I called my friend and vocalist Thierry Ganz a.k.a Dotboi for some vocals in The Surinamese language “Sranan Tongo”. He usually sings in English, so for him this was new as well. I tried to get the vocals on the track but couldn’t find the perfect way, so I called my friend and producer S!RENE and together we made it work.”

If Dutch producer and DJ Jarreau Vandal could be described using one word, it would be versatile. Having been exposed to a wide variety of musical influences right from gospel and soul to jazz and house, Vandal’s musical identity is organic as he aims to combine everything that inspires him, turning it into his own authentic, one-of-a-kind brand of music with a focus on putting out good vibes. Gaining fame for his edits, such as Rihanna’s ‘Work’ and remixes such as Dua Lipa’s ‘New Love’ and Mahalia’s ‘Sober’, which is his most streamed remix, Vandal is now ready to expand his horizons from DJ and producer to an all-rounder. 

‘Ede Weri (Srananpiano)’ is a genre-pushing work from Jarreau Vandal, increasing exposure for Surinamese and Amapiano music and hinting at the refreshing blend of sounds that continue to set him apart from everyone else in the club scene.

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