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Jasmine Infiniti Drops Debut Album, "Bxtch Släp" - PAPER

Following her breakout EP, SiS, Jasmine Infiniti returns with thirteen disruptive club tracks fit for the The Infernal Ballroom. On her meticulously-crafted debut LP, BXTCH SLÄP, the head of New World Dysorder conjures occult rave incantations with sub-tectonic bass and spectral, seductive harmonies. Audaciously championing R&B, vogue and hip-hop sounds, Jasmine Infiniti’s latest collection of techno-hybrid dance tunes from is bound to be the new soundtrack of NYC’s queer underground nightlife.
Where SiS was an ode to queer solidarity, community and sisterhood, BXTCH SLÄP is as much about personal myth-building as it is about claiming individual space as a queer person.
BXTCH SLÄP is cunt, unflinching and uncompromising, but it also boasts surprising range— moving briskly between ethereal hardcore house (“HOTT”), the anxious pounding of dark electro (“SPOOKED”), and certifiable techno bangers (“YES, SIR”, “WELLFAIR”). Meanwhile album standout “<3” hovers just above 100 BPM, a defiant statement of sensuality, calmness, and euphoria that’s no less gripping for its dramatic deceleration. Closing number “SHONUFF” clocks in at ten and half minutes; not a second of this adrenaline-rush of an acid techno tune feels wasted. BXTCH SLÄP might be most appropriate for the club, played at dangerously high volumes, but this music certainly takes on a new life after hours — in the moments we spend between the parties, alone and full of desire.
The Queen of Hell is back and her powers are stronger than ever.
All hail The Queen!
“[BXTCH SLÄP] features 13 tracks of agressive and often distorted electro, techno, and house…”
“BXTCH SLÄP is here to help you lose your mind a little this weekend.”