Jayceeoh Debuts on Bassrush Records With Merciless 5-Track ‘Cobra Kai’ EP feat. New 1000volts Single with Redman

L.A-based producer unleashes his new 5-track EP, featuring the latest single from his collaborative project with Redman, 1000volts.

Jayceeoh is sweeping the leg on his new five-track ‘Cobra Kai’ EP—featuring a new single from his collaborative 1000volts project alongside Redman—slated for release on the Bassrush Records imprint. 

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As an army of trolls try to convince the internet that Drake invented house music, there’s one artist in particular who deserves actual credit for closing the distance between hip-hop and dance music: L.A’s living legend, Jayceeoh. He’s been touted as a jack-of-all-genres, chopping up styles like a master chef in the studio. A sizable chunk of his notoriety stems from the flag he planted in the festival circuit, pioneering the fusion of hip-hop and bass music. On his debut appearance with the Bassrush crew, he takes that discipline into the dojo to let the world feel the sheer power of his new five-tracker. 

Teaming up with hip-hop royalty and trusted counterpart Redman for the main event, the title cut “Cobra Kai” rolls up as the latest offering from their heavyweight side project, 1000volts. As expected, they pull off the match of a lifetime. Redman puts his lyrical prowess on full display, taking godlike pulls throughout the rotation while Jayceeoh keeps the session blazing with his pungent and hazy trap sensibilities. 

Australia’s drum & bass phenom YUSSI jumps in on the action next. Tapping into his neurofunk tendencies, their “Extra” collab strikes somewhere between half-time madness and white-knuckling wave. A brain-splitting lead tears through the space, growling and grinding amid metallic percussive hits, trunk-shaking low-end and a web of broken beat rhythms.  

Sandwiched in the middle of the package is “Bad Bitch.” On it, he ropes in a feature from kez to kick out a brazen dubstep cut that isn’t ashamed to flaunt the finer shades of its lavish lifestyle. Braggadocios and effortlessly stylish, the iconic vocal hook rides atop crisp 808s, epic horn stabs, and a street-approved drop that shouts out to his special lady. 

West Coast house trio 2LiveMafia—composed of Dr. Sucio, IsaacEffect and CowboyShawty—comes correct on the penultimate track “Bounce Dat.” Deep, reverberating bass thumps beneath a screwy melody and rollicking vox play that earns the worth of its namesake. During the bridge, wailing sirens and barking dog samples prop up hood-rich flows from LA’s finest, before descending back into the track’s hedonistic lean. 

For the sendoff, kez pops back in with his second appearance on the EP. Saying things end on a high note would be an understatement, because Kez provides an in-depth account of how faded he stays on the reg with the closing cut “PCH.” Sipping from his cup and taking pulls from the blunt establishes his credibility as a tried and true California resident, and those boastful declarations fit right in amongst a spectacular undulating rhythm and choir-driven harmonies. It’s the perfect anthem to ride off into the sunset.

“The ‘Cobra Kai’ EP is a collection of songs I made over the last year,” says Jayceeoh. “As an artist, I always try to push the boundaries and blend different genres into my music. ‘Cobra Kai’ incorporates heavy bass elements, hard drums, and layers of organic instruments to form my own unique style in which hip-hop meets trap and dubstep. The EP has vocal features from my partner-in-crime and rap icon Redman (1000volts), as well as Kez and 2LiveMafia. The energy and vibes are high on Cobra Kai. Run this front to back; it’s a good ride.”

Jayceeoh is an award-winning turntablist whose production chops are just as sharp as his world-class DJ skills. His discography is swarming with jaw-dropping originals, as well as top-shelf collabs counting off names from the likes of Big Gigantic, The Bloody Beetroots, Holly, and many more. His trailblazing 1000volts project with Redman officially opened up shop as a duo in 2016 with their maiden single “Lights Out,” after the two initially linked up a good, old-fashioned collab, “Turn Me Up Some.” Realizing they had struck gold, the pair went in with more wattage via their singles alongside Zeds Dead, followed by a full-fledged ‘Power Up’ EP in 2019. 

Continuing to tear down the barriers sitting between hip-hop and dance music, Jayceeoh’s latest offering ‘Cobra Kai’ is a blackbelt-level hybrid EP that pulls no punches.

Jayceeoh’s new “Cobra Kai” EP is available on all platforms via Bassrush Records.

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