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Jealous Friend “In My Mind” Ultra Music

Newly formed Eastern European songwriting group, Jealous Friend, has just released their second single “In My Mind,” out now on Ultra Music. Discovered by internationally successful songwriter and producer Marius Dia, Jealous Friend is a project ready to flourish.

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“In My Mind” is truly a one of a kind anthem, as it draws influence from European culture by combining rhythmic guitar and world style melodies.

After going platinum in various international countries as a co-writer on “Inna- Ruleta”, Marius Dia is ready to flaunt his new project Jealous Friend with the help of one of Romania’s most well-known producers, Alex Parker and with vocalists Miss Mary and Olivia Addams.

Each member of the group has already had individual success, so together they will undoubtedly be a force to be reckoned with.