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JNR Williams Shares new acoustic live session for ‘Alive’

JNR Williams Shares new acoustic live session for 'Alive' ile ilgili görsel sonucu

Shares new acoustic live session for ‘Alive’

Part of YAMAHA’s new WAY UP mini video docu-series focusing on emerging talent 

+ WAY UP Artist Panel (Tokyo) video with Zoe Mead (Wlydest)


Following on from the successful ‘Tales of Making Waves’ series launched last year, YAMAHA are pleased to announce details of a brand new video series, ‘WAY UP’, which aims to introduce emerging artists, their music and their creative processes to a brand new audience.

YAMAHA have teamed up with rising British talent JNR Williams to create an exclusive track and video, shining a personal light on the way he makes music, his background and creative inspirations.

JNR says: “I remember when I first started writing A Prayer, it was on a little Yamaha keyboard that I bought from Argos when I was in college. Going back to the stripped back version takes me to that time,  I love the rawness and the simplicity of the song in that form. Thank you to Yamaha’s way up series for bringing me back and reminding me of the writing stages of the track.”

Yamaha’s head of Creative Projects, Sebastian Krenmayr says, “With this series we want to empower emerging artists to introduce themselves, their talent and their music.”

The WAY UP series also includes a panel where various emerging artists come together from different places around the world to talk about their experiences in the music industry, what it means to express themselves through their songs and how they progress personally with their music. The panel takes place at the Yamaha Ginza Hall in Tokyo this March and JNR Williams and Zoe Mead (Wyldest) will meet up with other artists from around the globe to share experiences in song writing and how music empowers them to express their emotions and convey a message.


Artist info:






London, UK


JNR Williams is a singer songwriter from Hackney, London. His warm and unique voice makes him stand out and evokes a wonderful variety of emotions in his listeners. Raised in east London, JNR has a Caribbean background. He sees music “as one of the most powerful ways of communication as it’s all based on emotion, which is an incredible way to connect with someone and bring people together no matter what walk of life.” JNR describes the piano as his “ride or die” instrument. Having started to write his first songs on it, he considers the piano as his counsellor that allows him to be open and honest without judgement.









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The Yamaha Corporation Group’s core business begins with the manufacturing and marketing of musical instruments, and spans the management of music and other schools, in addition to the production and sales of audio and visual media software.

A few notes, a simple melody – that’s enough to make emotional waves and create a connection with other people. Sound and music have a very special influence on us, the world around us and how we perceive it. The “Make Waves” concept revolves around our passions and what moves us: we want to express ourselves and leave an impression, we want to keep developing as listeners and musicians, we want to experience music together.

That is why Yamaha has set itself a clear goal with its “Make Waves” philosophy: to help people make waves with their sound and music.

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