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Joey LaBeija Releases ‘enemies of progress’ EP | OUT NOW via Mad Decent

Joey LaBeija's New EP, "Enemies of Progress," Is a Soundscape of ...

Bronx native producer, songwriter and DJ Joey LaBeija today releases enemies of progress EP, out now and streaming everywhere HERE via Mad Decent.

On enemies of progress, the Bronx-born, Puerto Rican-American multidisciplinary waxes brutally honest of a post-breakup world. Drawing carefully from the diverse pallet of his sonic influences, ranging from his punk rock roots, emotive electropop greats such as Robyn and Roísín Murphy, an R&B upbringing and affinity for global rhythms, LaBeija clearly defines his boundaries, needs, issues, and kinks through warped vocals and a pop-tinted experimental electronic lens.

As raw and honest as ever, tracks like “move on” and “onethatiwant” dive deep into the pains and pleasures that come along with modern, fleeting love. Behind his twisted beats and otherworldly pitched vocals on lead single “unavailable” are the tongue in cheek lyrics that exemplify LaBeija’s infectious sense of humor and relatability, “enemy of progress” where he is quick to shift the blame, and being blatantly upfront and uncensored with his “cuffin szn” fling about his intentions to thot it up and pop his pussy in the club once the weather warms up.

STREAM enemies of progress HERE

1. move on
2. enemy of progress
3. unavailable
4. cuffin szn
5. onethatiwant

WATCH “unavailable” Music Video HERE

Making his name as a DJ and producer in the NYC underground nightlife scene as a low-key yet highly regarded machinist of genre-spanning club edits and twisted, danceable, experimental original sounds (and in the process, hence his namesake, being recruited into vogue family House of LaBeija; the oldest and most revered house in New York’s ballroom scene. Most recently he was tapped by Frank Ocean to play his PrEP+ party alongside), It wasn’t until his 2019 full-length TEARS IN MY HENNESSY that LaBeija, channeling the complexities of a recent breakup, personally laid down vocals to his own music.

Praise for Joey LaBeija:

“LaBeija might be spilling his guts out, but he’s doing so over battle-hardened beats” – RESIDENT ADVISOR

“Joey LaBeija is a true New Yorker: tough, rebellious, and a sweetheart all wrapped in one” – THE FADER

“a defiantly unpindownable sound’ – INTERVIEW MAGAZINE

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