Jon Gurd ‘Phoenix’

The new album, out April 8 on Anjunadeep

Respected British producer Jon Gurd follows up his 2020 album ‘Lion’, with new offering ‘Phoenix’. Featuring ten original tracks that show off his flair for crafting intricate melodies and textural sound design, ‘Phoenix’ takes inspiration from themes of rebirth and marks the beginning of a new chapter in Jon’s career.


“‘Phoenix’ was written during the UK lockdown last year. When things at home got to a pretty low point I asked myself what is the most empowering thing I can do right now and the answer was to make a new album. I’ve always wanted to make an album called ‘Phoenix’. I like the idea of rebirth and coming back stronger after big challenges.

A lot of the album is about getting close to the bone of feeling, a lot like ‘Lion’ was, in a way, but this time trying to translate old subconscious memories into feeling. Memories of euphoria when I just started clubbing 20 years ago. The excitement of discovering and dancing to music for the first time. The feeling of connection on the dance floor with people you’ve never met before. The after parties, the whole thing.” – Jon Gurd

Pre-order a vinyl copy of Jon Gurd’s ‘Phoenix’ now from the Anjuna Music Store.

Listen to ‘Emergence’, the striking first single from Jon Gurd’s forthcoming album. Out now on all platforms.

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