Jonas Rathsman & Brother Franz Novotny are Modern Tales – Duo Release Music Video for Debut Single ‘Monster’ on RÜFÜS DU SOL’s Rose Avenue

Today, Modern Tales, the new indie-electronic project from Swedish brothers Jonas Rathsman and Franz Novotny on RÜFÜS DU SOL’s Rose Avenue Records, released the music video for their debut single ‘Monster.’ A hazy, dream-like production directed by Andreas Kjellgrenn, the video provides visual context for Modern Tales’ wistful sound while bringing the track’s lyrics to life with cerebral choreography.  

Watch ‘Monster’ 

In perfect step with the track, the ‘Monster’ video chronicles its main character’s journey in self-liberation. Clouds of smoke, a neon-tinged palette, and surreal scenes of human interaction give off the impression that it’s a journey undertaken entirely within the character’s own head. 

“Our new track ‘Monster’ is about liberating yourself from something (or someone) that is preventing you from evolving, and holding you back from being the best version of yourself. It’s about chasing your dreams one breath at a time. We think the song has a strong message that we wanted to visualize with a music video.” – Modern Tales

Modern Tales achieved individual success before joining together, Jonas as a melodic house producer, and Franz as a singer/multi-instrumentalist. Nurtured in the enchanting surroundings of Sweden’s West Coast, their songs reflect the human experience through beautiful, melancholic vocals and creative production. 

Swedish director Andreas Kjellgren is extensively experienced, with ‘Monster’ being his second music video made in collaboration with Jonas, who also co-produced the film. Andreas’ personal mission to capture the shared experience of breath and feeling alive is well-suited to the track. 

“The title Monster gave me a completely different approach to the song until I started to feel the music and the message of the lyrics. I wanted to make a fluid film that follows the tempo of the beat. The scene where the main character inhales her breath symbolizes the text line ‘every breath that I take makes me younger.’ A symbol of love that is most present in my own relationship. “ – Andreas Kjellgren (Director)

With Andreas’ thoughtful direction and filming by photographer Andreas Wessberg, Modern Tales have added a visual dimension to their story, just beginning to unfold. 

Modern Tales Upcoming Tour Dates
May 4-7 – Sundream Baja – San Jose Del Cabo, MX 
May 11-14 – Sundream Baja – San Jose Del Cabo, MX

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