Jonny Wildey releases single ‘Violet’ !

“‘Violet’ is an ode to someone close to me and encompasses all the senses and feelings of human nature; I really love that violet can be a colour, a flower and the name of someone. It’s a song about someone who is all 3.”

Jonny Wildey has once again showcased his effortless talent for creating passionate, neo-soul infused soundscapes through his latest single, Violet

Violet follows the eclectic journey laid down by previous singles ‘Roll’ and ‘Your Dreams/Lonely‘, with Wildey perfectly displaying his combination of beats, 70’s funk and soul influences. Bubbly, gliding arps open the track to a swung four/four beat over a bed of wavey organ chords, funk-strum rhythm guitar and a bouncy walking bassline. Trippy synths are lightly sprinkled throughout the track, hinting towards the harmonious break down, which elevates the track into the stars.

Having released a string of acclaimed singles under the guise of Alphabets Heaven, via the likes of Nightmares On WaxTru ThoughtsSoundway and King DeluxeJonny Wildey has built a stellar reputation over the past decade. However, the Londoner’s passion for an eclectic range of styles and genre remained untapped. Eager to embrace a more traditional form of songwriting, Wildey committed to exploring his love of 70s music.

The result was the creation of album Nitely, a record written and recorded over a period spanning three years. Earnest, honest and unmistakably soulful, Nitely is Wildey’s magnum opus. Combining his skilful ability to create flawless electronica with the profound tenderness of 70s soul, Nitely is a sonic delight that sits neatly between the jazz-funk soundtrack of David AxelrodPatrick Cowley’s 80s post-disco beats and the silky smooth tones of Shuggie Otis

Recording upstairs at Total Refreshment Centre proved an inspiration for Wildey. Recording at night meant that some of the most exciting music was being created in the same building. As Wildey reflects: “The TRC had gigs on at the time, so I’d go there, start working on something, then would see the Neue Grafik Ensemble, or some amazing jazz band, and go back upstairs and carry on working, which was a lot of fun.” Unsurprisingly, he soon attracted some like-minded collaborators who contributed to Nitely, including Danalogue (The Comet Is ComingSoccer96), Emma Gatrill (This Is The KitLaura Marling), Marcus Hamblett (James HoldenTimber Timbre) and London-based beat master Deft (Yip Wong).

The outcome is a modern day pop/neo-soul classic; an album that, from start to finish, is an endearing look into the mind of Wildey. Contemporary yet nostalgic, stylish yet organic, Nitely wears its emotions on its sleeve, every note shimmering with a profound sincerity. 

Wildey has already gained a well of support from industry tastemakers including the likes of Huw Stephens (BBCR6), Huey Morgan (BBCR6), Dom Servini (Wah Wah 45s), Clash Magazine and WorldWide FM. The release of Nitely will sustain Wildey’s reputation and leave an indelible mark on 2021.