Julia Govor invites scene-shaping producers Victoria Mussi, Surgeons Girl, Zaida Zane and more for her remix EP

Julia Govor welcomes 6 fantastic music producers, DJs, self made and independent women who are shaping our scene and community for a better future to join The Bastet Mission Remixes on JUJUKA.

This record was created to connect you to the animal that lives inside of you. Your growling, purring, prowling, pouncing and fierce energy. The harmonies, frequencies and rhythm will awaken what’s wild about yourself and your love for all other animals. 

This record has all the magic of Egyptian Goddess Bastet. 
It will heal your wounds, take away your pain, make you focused and be brave. 

It should be played loud and on repeat.

Releases March 31, 2023

artist Julia Govor
title The Bastet Mission Remixes
remixers Isabella Koen, Victoria Mussi, Antpuke, Gutkein, Surgeons Girl, Zaida Zane
label Jujuka
cat JUJUKA014
date 31st March
format digital

1. Where‘s My Cat (Original)
2. Where‘s My Cat (Isabella Koen Purr Remix)
3. Where‘s My Cat (Victoria Mussi Remix)
4. Where‘s My Cat (Antpuke Remix)
5. Where‘s My Cat (Gutkein Remix)
6. Where‘s My Cat (Zaida Zane Remix)
7. Where‘s My Cat (Surgeons Girl Remix)
8.Where‘s My Cat (Victoria Mussi Puss In The Booth Remix)