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Julian Gray Offers Fresh Mau5trap EP Release “Autonomous”

julian gray autonomous ep

Tapping into the roots of Mau5trap RecordingsJulian Gray offers his tasteful blend of traditional progressive house and his own take on the future of it’s sound with the official release of his Autonomous EP. A four track compilation, the extended play is a musical journey starting with ‘Apathy,’ exploring ‘It Is What It Isn’t‘ and eventually finding himself ‘Autonomous,’ to finally glide to it’s end in ‘Paper Planes.’

While the deadmau5 protege and Mau5trap resident try-hard achieves mystical captivation all the way throughout, the track that stands out the most is the title track ‘Autonomous.’ Not only does the production present genres progressive house, techno and electro well in the form of his signature progress-o sound, it also grabs listeners attention with a unique and delicious light trap and traditional Tiësto techno styled breakdown.

As the first EP on the label from Julian Gray after his debut ‘Resident Try-Hard,’ Autonomous establishes Gray as an artist who will not only persevere as a talented DJ and producer, but who will also continue evolving and expanding on his production prowess.

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