Julian Jordan – Losing My Head (Remixes) STMPD RCRDS

Following the  remix by Andruss, Julian Jordan’s hit single ‘Losing My Head’ continues to make waves in the electronic music scene with a fresh set of remixes from Admess, Martin Stevenson, ROKHSIS, and TRANS T & Ekzail. Each artist brings their unique touch to the track, offering listeners a diverse range of reimagined versions that showcase their individual creative flair.

The original release of ‘Losing My Head’ by Julian Jordan captivated fans worldwide with its infectious energy and addictive melodies. Now, with the addition of these new remixes, the track takes on fresh dimensions, expanding its sonic horizons and offering fans a renewed listening experience.

The ‘Losing My Head’ remix package showcases the immense talent of each artist involved, as they expertly rework Julian Jordan’s original vision into unique sonic experiences. With a diverse range of styles and approaches, the remixes breathe new life into the track, captivating both die-hard fans and new listeners alike.