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JULIANA. Releases New Single “Burn”

JULIANA. - Burn (Official Music Video) - YouTube

Los Angeles, CA – October 21, 2020 – Following her debut last month, emergingpop singer and songwriter JULIANA. has released her new single “Burn. Written after a bout of depression, “Burn” served as a breakthrough moment for JULIANA. in both her mental health and her songwriting. The song allowed the Los Angeles-born and based artist to release negative emotions she’d been dealing with for years, take control of her life, and grow into a positive and powerful woman. JULIANA. has also released a symbolic visual for the liberating pop song. PRESS HERE to watch the official music video for “Burn, directed by Alec Griffen and edited by Yossuana Aguil, and check out the first look with Culture CollidePRESS HERE to download/stream “Burn.”

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“The song ‘Burn’ holds a lot of meaningful weight for me and for that reason, I couldn’t be more excited for the world to hear it,” shares JULIANA. “When I wrote this song a few years back, I was in the midst of an extremely difficult moment in my life. I was going through a depression due to my physical health being compromised as well as ending a long-term relationship with the first love of my life. I wrote this song as a breakthrough moment for me to symbolically ‘burn’ down any negativity I had harbored in the past and learn to grow into a more loving and positive-minded person who, in turn, became stronger from these difficult experiences.”

“Since this song harbors these intense emotions, I thought it was extremely timely and important to release it as my second single at the end of 2020, which has been a year filled with hardships, emotional distress, many unknowns, and stress, anxiety, depression, etc.,” she adds. “We are being tested now more than ever with our mental health, which is exactly why I thought ‘Burn’ would be a good outlet for people to feel a sense of stability in these unstable moments and know there is a light at the end of the tunnel. October also happens to include Mental Illness Awareness Week, which felt fitting since this song would have never gotten written if I, too, didn’t struggle with my mental health. I wrote this song with a ton of deep-rooted emotions that allowed me to feel empowered and mentally stronger and healthier. My hopes are that anyone listening can resonate with this song the same way I resonated with it when I wrote it.”

“Burn” follows the release of JULIANA.’s debut single “Call It Quits” in September. PRESS HERE to watch the music video for the empowering pop song and PRESS HERE to download/stream “Call It Quits” on DSPs.

Through eloquent songcraft, graceful instrumentation, and dynamic vocals, JULIANA. says what’s on her mind and converts raw feelings and real stories into chantable, powerful anthems. Having grown up surrounded by music, JULIANA. made her onstage debut at 11-years-old, began writing songs in high school, and notably made it past the infamous “Hollywood Round” of American Idol when she was a teenager. However, a series of physical trials and tribulations while in Boston for college prevented her from singing for over two years. She completed her studies back in L.A. in order to recover from a successful surgery and focus on her mental health. With newfound stability and her voice back intact, JULIANA. moved to New York City for a fresh perspective. It was there that she re-discovered her songwriting and deep-rooted love of music.

JULIANA. has found inspiration in her songwriting from the likes of Julia MichaelsZara Larsson, and Hailee Steinfeld, who use their raw and personal lyrics to preach body positivity, sex positivity and female empowerment. Artists such as Astrid SBebe Rexha and Ellie Goulding have also inspired her in crafting her personal sound. After years of honing her skills, JULIANA. is making her musical introduction to the world through her inspiring pop songs. Nothing is off limits when it comes to her songwriting; she writes about any topic or feeling that comes to her, including love, heartbreak, depression, manipulation and independence. As a young woman who’s dealt with various obstacles and life experiences, JULIANA. wants to bring positivity, empowerment, acceptance and control through her lyrics and sound to help and heal others.

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