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Kernel Existence announces second album ‘Kripascular’ on Maral Salmassi’s Konsequent Records

artist      Kernel Existence
title        Krispascular
label       Konsequent Records
date       4th December 2020
format    Digital
cat. #      KSQ-076LP


1. OPI
2. Terminal
3. Asist
4. Toucheè
5. Mory
6. Octone
7. Loquel
8. Dest
9. Broken Pins
10. Kripascular
11. Things I Should Have Learnt by now

Berlin-based Kernel Existence’s second album Kripascular represents the multidimensional realms of the German school of techno.

As an equilibrium between rough and polished, this album is as emotional as it is powerful and represents a diverse universe between extremes.

Each track is a galaxy within the Kripascular universe, consisting of palpitating drums, ethereal drones, drenched in noise, and layers of polished sound bits – inviting the listener to explore the space between minimalistic perfectionist-sound-design and cinematic modular walls of emotions.

As a devotee of modular synthesis, with this album Kernel Existence, has created a sophisticated universe full of color, energy, and texture that is consistent across the entire LP.